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Increase In Pregnancy-Related Deaths Tripled Over The Last Decade

Here’s some alarming news – according to a California Watch report, deaths related to pregnancy complications in 2006 is triple the number reported a decade ago. An increase in cesarean sections was cited as one of the main culprits for this drastic swell in pregnancy-related deaths. The report also mentions the fact that the amount of C-sections have increased about 50 percent during the same time period, which equals nearly one in three babies!

This topic of discussion has gained a lot of momentum in pregnancy forums these days. Ricki Lake’s 2008 documentary The Business of Being Born also explores the maternity care system in America and how it is treated more like a business than something that is much more important than money – your health and your baby’s health! One of the major points of the documentary is to point out that the infant mortality rate in the US is not as low as we think. We are 4% higher than Singapore which according to CIA World Factbook has the lowest infant mortality rate. The California Watch report also states that “it’s more dangerous to give birth in California than it is in Kuwait or Bosnia.”

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